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Envelope yourself in the sweetest essential aroma, derived from LA DIOSA

BODY70min     Yen19,750.

BODY100min   Yen25,625.

BODY130min   Yen31,625.

BODY150min   Yen38,125.


※Add. 10min   Yen3,125.

            20min   Yen6,000.

Anti-Aging / Internal reform / Fat combustion
Improving and beautifying effect of cold as well.

lift up/ And promote blood circulation to skin quality improvement.
Aging skin a strong ally!

FACIAL70min    Yen19,875.

FACIAL100min  Yen28,375.


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

Systemic care!
Ideal for once your body maintenance to the terrible fatigue

BODYFACIAL130min  Yen28,875.

BODYFASIAL150min  Yen36,125.


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

Weight loss, body fat down!

Beauty line slimming machine that destroys the fat cells!

BODY40min  Yen13,500.

BODY70min  Yen18,500.

BODY100min  Yen24,5.37


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

Immediate small face!
Plump cheek meat, double chin to the large effect!!!

FACIAL70min    Yen19,500.

FACIAL100min  Yen26,750.


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

We want to maximize the machine's power.
Dent massage & discharging hand treatments ☆

BODY40min   Yen9,750.

BODY70min   Yen15,000.

BODY100min   Yen18,500.


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

Eliminate the double chin And put forth a lift-up and waste is ~ ♥ small face the double chin
And put forth a lift-up and waste is ~ ♥ small face

FACIAL40min   Yen11,776.

FACIAL70min     Yen15,375.

FACIAL100min   Yen24,500.


※Add. 10min  Yen3,125.

            20min  Yen6,000.

LA DIOSA is ~ ★

Indiba dedicated cream, cavitation dedicated oil,
100% domestically produced organic volume tea oil, we use 100% domestic organic cosmetics.

★ we will solve the problem of lift-up effect and sensitive skin ~ ★

*Note: the day of cancellation, we have received a 100% fee. The day of cancellation will be until the day before 18.
*Tax excluded